Aurus Software

Specialized in solutions for IT (ITSM) and process management, Aurus Software born in 2008 leveraging experience developing customized solutions for business process management, service and implementation management. With strong alignment with standard like ITIL, Aurus Service Center was developed focusing on Service Providers that manage IT services for their customers and need to have a flexible tool.

Out team has large experience working with ITSM, service providers and implementing workflow solution and we have continuous investments to improve our solution together with partners. Aurus can deliver excellent cost/benefits to final customers and partners.

The Platform

Aurus Service Center is a platform to manage services and business process.

Through a combination of advanced resources, Aurus is highly flexible allowing customers to set activities, tasks, workflows and process; adapting to many business models and company needs.

It is possible to manage different types of processes and services, integrating business areas in a single platform, with an agile implementation and ease of use.

Aurus Service Center´s customers have access to modern tools like:

Service Catalog

Easy to set and integrated to ASC

Certified ITIL Processes

Ready to use and following market best practices

  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • Service Catalog Management
  • Request Fulfillment Management


Integrated to ASC, control your assets and helps to identify and solve problems.


Service satisfaction can be verified direct by ASC allowing customers to evaluate it in the end of all services.


Call Center, WEB, email, ... Customers can select the best way to request services and get help.


Service providers can design new flows or change them directly in ASC for easily customize services for their customers.


Aurus works through partners providing IT services, using the Aurus Service Center as a tool to ensure quality and efficiency, and they also provide the platform to customers interested in using ASC for business processes.

Our partners has ability to train, implement and provide consulting services on the creation of the personalized service catalogs, as well as offer services using the Aurus Service Center platform.


With Aurus Service Center your company can have several clients being served by the same platform, with service catalogs and personalized SLAs. With a powerful workflow system, ASC offers the opportunity to automate many types of services, including approval cycles and systems integration through webservices.

The ASC brings configured services that follow the ITIL framework, certified by Pink Elephant, allowing you to start operating your Service Center immediately. The platform can be integrated with MS AD (Microsoft active directory), also allowing users to be imported, or registered directly on the platform.

The entire solution is in the cloud, allowing users, attendants and approvers to access from anywhere, at any time, adapting to various work models and types of customers.


The installation is done in the cloud and the entire infrastructure is provided by Aurus. The process is typically fast because with standard flows you just add users and you're ready to go.

Any additional configuration can be done quickly by both the customer and our team, and since the streams have versioning, it is possible to test new streams before putting them into production. The integrated CMDB can be implemented gradually. For example, servers can be included and inventory association enabled in email, storage and application support services, but you can leave to associate mobile devices only when inventory is complete.


IT Department

Request a webinar to know our platform directly through our website, or contact one of our partners. Aurus only works through certified partners, and if you do not already know about their work, we will help you find the one that best suits your needs.

MSPs or IT Service providers

Do you want to be an Aurus partner or know more about our platform? Contact our sales department and we will detail both the technical aspects and the commercial proposal for partners. We can schedule a webinar presentation or presential meeting.